Customer Claims

Find out about claims and whether you are eligible for one

Compensation fact sheet

To assist customers who experience loss or damage related to unplanned power outages the Victorian Electricity Distributors have jointly created an Unplanned Power Outages Compensation Fact Sheet which explains the compensation process and how claims are assessed

Voltage variations and claims

In the rare occurrence of damage to property as a result of a voltage variation, you have a choice to either:

a) Lodge a claim with us and we will follow the appropriate guidelines.
b) Lodge a claim with your insurer.

To claim with us, you are welcome to submit a claim form by following the steps below. If you lodge a claim with your insurance agent and require written confirmation of the details of the incident, please email your request to

Claims process

Our services are regulated by electricity codes, guidelines, government acts and regulations. If you wish to lodge a claim with us for property damaged by an electricity incident or voltage variation, we ask you to complete a Customer claim form.

If your claim meets the appropriate guidelines (UE small compensation claims 2012), we will compensate you, and if it is deemed you are not entitled to the full compensation, we will consider your claim in accordance with any other applicable law.

It is important to note that we will compensate applicable claims on the basis of reasonable repair costs or fair market value for replacement. As we are not an insurance agent, we do not provide compensation on a new-for-old basis.

To lodge a claim you can download the Customer Claim Form from our Document Centre.

Claims for voltage variation

United Energy will assess all claims submitted to United Energy relating to a voltage variation event in accordance with the Electricity Industry Guideline No. 11- Voltage Variation Compensation issued by the Essential Services Commission (ESC).
A copy of the guideline is available on request; or can be viewed on the Essential Services Commission’s website:

In accordance with the Guidelines;
a) Claimed damage to electrical items must be consistent with that of an incoming power supply variation and not as a result of a mechanical defect or natural wear and tear.
b) In assessing the quantum of any voltage variation claim, United Energy will only consider assessments, invoices or receipts, from qualified and registered repairers, written on official company letterhead with the relevant ABN and contact details.
c) Business customers should note:

  1. The ESC’s requirement on business customers to take reasonable precautions to minimise the risk of loss or damage to their business’s including, without limitation, its equipment and premises which may result from voltage variations. A detail of electrical protection in place prior to the date of the incident is required to be submitted with your claim file;
  2. Under the Guidelines, losses of a consequential nature are not compensable (i.e. business loss, wages, etc.)

d) United Energy does not offer ‘new for old’ replacement of goods. In circumstances where an appliance is damaged beyond economical repair, (as documented by a qualified and registered repairer) United Energy may offer compensation to reflect the market value of the appliance in working order. Our market value calculation is: a ÷ b x c = market value where:

a = anticipated life (years) remaining
b = anticipated life (years) total for that type of appliance
c = $ of current equivalent

It may be to your advantage to contact your insurer, as they may be better placed to offer a higher level of compensation.

United Energy does not have its own assessors or repairers. It is your responsibility to arrange repairs or obtain repair quotes. Any costs incurred will be your responsibility until a full assessment of your claim has occurred.

Please do not dispose of any damaged appliance until such time as your claim has been assessed, as an inspection may be required.

United Energy may be unable to accept responsibility for claims that are a result of causes outside of its control.

Claim Forms

You can view and download a customer claim form here.

Other claims related documents can be found here.